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Founder & Managing Partner

Zulfikar Lukman

With over 13 years background as Executives (Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Corporate Director/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Managing Director (MD) in several industries in well known group of businesses and over 12 years working experience in banking sectors, especially in Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking and Project Investment.

Rifwaldi Rivai

After working as a banker for ten years, he founded the Law Firm and specialized as a general corporate and capital market legal consultant, advocate, receiver (currator) and administrator for 20 years. In ten years later, he is focusing on handling debt restructuring, loan workout, debt settlement and commercial litigation.


Syafii Antonio

Serves as a Commissioner & Supervisory Board of Bank Mega Syariah, Bank Mandiri Syariah, Takaful, Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (LPEI) and Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM).

M. Senang Sembiring

Currently is an independent commissioner of PT Rukun Raharja Tbk and PT Solusi Tunas Pratama Tbk. He is also a senior advisor to KEHATI (The Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation) since April 2018.

Senior Partners

Indra Yurana Sugiarto

He holds a double master's degree, MBA in Marketing, and MSc in Computer Science. He has more than two decades of extensive experience in the Banking industry, Corporate Financing both conventional & Islamic Financing.


He has as a long experience in a consulting group and the Indonesia Ministry of Finance and also as a partner for 12 years in a public accountant firm until he joins as a senior partner in RITZ Consulting.

Budi Setiawan

His long experience in the banking industry, combined with Level 3 certification of risk management from Badan Sertiļ¬kasi Manajemen Risiko (BSMR) shows Budi Setiawan expertise in the areas of special asset & recovery management.

Riantoro Priasmoro

Riantoro Priasmoro has many substantial experiences in the Banking industry, locally and internationally, and has a vast depth in Corporate Financing and Investment.


His academic background on engineering, business administration, and energy risk management combined with his experiences in trading as well as his involvement in projects related to petroleum products, LNG, LPG, gas & crude oil.

Doddy S. Soewito

He earned his Doctorate in Management at the University of Indonesia. He has been appointed as a President Director of BPD Kalimantan Selatan, from July 2017 until January 2018 and now serves as one of senior partner in RITZ Corp.

Makmur Setyadi

Graduated from Sumatera Utara University in 1992, Makmur Setyadi has worked in several banks in Indonesia throughout his career. His specialities are in the areas of marketing, debt restructuring, as well as fund raising in both conventional and Syariah.

Iwan Ridwan

Starting his career in 1986 in banking sector, Iwan then serves as Advocate & Law Consultant in IWAN & Partners until the present. He has involved in various cases, litigation & non litigation cases, including investment, finance and banking, PKP, bankruptcy and dispute.

Anti Gantira Nathin

Graduated from Faculty Economics & Development Studies, Padjadjaran University, her vision, management skill and leadership style inspired the group walking through many ups and downs.

Dhiny Novianti

Earned her Bachelor Degree of Science from Indiana University, USA. She has a broad experience from establishing an HR system in banking industry to design overseas Marketing and Export-Import in the seafood industry.

Mesa Indra Naiborhu

Holding several certifications such as Introduction to Corporate Finance, Risk & Return Corporate Finance, Free Cash Flow Analysis Corporate Finance from Columbia University, Decision-Making & Scenarios.

Edi Zamhari

Working in banking sectors for 21 years followed by career in a Business Group which includes Shipping Business, Oil Service Company, Coal Mining, Palm Oil Plantation, Hospitality etc. Currently, he serves as Senior Partner in RITZ Consulting.

Yukifri Nazir

Earned his Bachelor Degree of International Relation at Asia University, Tokyo. Has a broad and established career in Banking industries, including Japan-owned Bank, followed by career in a Private Equity, currently he founded Affirmate Group and serves as CEO.


Kusuma Sanjaya

He is an expert in providing legal advice, legal consultation, legal opinion, legal drafting as well as providing legal problem solving through litigation or non-litigation process.


He is an expert in several Rules such as the UCP600, ISP98, URDG758, Incoterm 2010, KUHP, SKBDN, Laporan lalu Lintas Devisa (LLD), Rincian Transaksi Ekspor (RTE), and Customs Regulation.

Jaswan Nasution

Jaswan Nasution has some valuable working experiences which made him an expert in capital market and asset management.

Nanang Hadi Kusumo Yudo

His long experience in banking industry, combined with Level 1 & 2 certification of risk management from BSMR & GARP, and Level 3 certification of risk management from LSPP demonstrate Nanang professionalism in this field.


Fiana Shabira

Corporate Secretary

Rachman Haris


M. Fauzi Fikrillah Harahap


Ganang Gumiwang


Sienny Tjokroaminoto


Fanggie Deeva Clarista


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